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On 09, Jan 2017 | In | By mate

Bagi László

Journalist, Forbes

“I graduated in Art History and History, and then continued my studies at Eötvös Loránd University and in the Territoires, sociétés, développement postdoctoral program of EHESS Territoires in Paris. In my daily work I often work with the fields of creative thinking, architecture, urbanism, design, contemporary art, smart city and urban well-being. I am eager to run the mile for a good topic anywhere in the coutry, but I find myself home in Buda. “

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Böszörményi-Nagy Gergely

Head of Design Terminál

Head of Design Terminal and Founder of Brain Bar. He is member of the Highlights of Hungary curatorial team for the third time. By managing Design Terminal he first developed a community space and then created a business development center for creative industry talents. The organization’s mentoring program is now available not only for Hungarians, but for talents from Chile through Portugal to Sweden and from many parts of the world. The Brain Bar, which he founded, is one of the largest future festival on the continent, with hundreds of outstanding professionals debating the business, cultural and political trends of the future. Gergő graduated from Corvinus International Studies. He earned his MBA degree at CEU’s Business School and will be the student of Stanford University, California from next year. Forbes chose him as one of the 30 most successful young leaders. Google, the Financial Times and the International Visegrad Fund have chosen him as one of the most innovative leaders in Central Europe.

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Hitka Viktória


In addition to writing messages on plates, I work mostly for non-governmental organizations. I support their projects with visual content and the development of fundraising campaign strategies. I created the image campaign of HCLU and the Hintalovon Foundation. I developed MONDO a card game about rights for children with disabilities in cooperation with HCLU. I make books for the Gepoen publishing house, for example the Geopen 20 literary series. I illustrate storybooks.

On 07, Jan 2017 | In | By mate

Horváth Dorka

Editor, blogger, Founder and Managing Director of BOOKR Kids 

Dorka has obtained a MSc degree in the Corvinus University of Budapest in Finance. From 2012 she has been a student and lecturer at the PhD School of Social Communication Doctoral School of alma mater. She is currently working on a doctoral dissertation on children’s changed reading habits in the digital world. She has been the founding director of BOOKR Kids, the revolutionary book reader system which has won many awards since 2015. Forbes Magazine has selected Dorka among the most talented young people under the age of 30.

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Liptay Gabriella


Economist-Sociologist, Head of Marketing and Communication KPMG

‘In the past 15 years I was mostly working for multinational telecommunication companies. For 7 years I was Head of Marketing Communications at Magyar Telekom, my tasks involved rebranding (T-Mobile, T-Home), creating and operating an integrated communicational system. Before working for Telekom I was Head of Communications at Ericsson Hungary for almost 7 years during which my colleagues and I were working on the company’s communication pathways. I also managed the communication department and was responsible for renewal at Invitel.

Lately I am working on the field of art, creative industry and I am also teaching. From 2011 I delt with building up and remodelling LibriShopline – previously Libri Group – and also managing projects, portfolio, and giving marketing strategy guidance for the major investor owner as the Director of Marketing and Communications. In 2015 as the Head of Investor Relations at Design Terminal I was responsible for creating the  mediation area for corporate investors. Later as the Communications Director of the re-organized Hungarian Tourism Agency I worked on the development of the communications area, on the professional operation and on the updating of the touristic image. Since April 2017, I am Marketing and Communications Director at KPMG. My main focus is branding, communication strategy making and development of the related business processes and organizations in an extremely diversified, progressive and complex consulting and service environment.

I also participated and still take part in the processing, shaping, modification and selling of many exciting projects. During autumn in 2014 Ildikó Csejtei B. and I established together the Independent Media Education Center (IMEC) where we and best of the Hungarian professionals hold practical PR and advertising trainings.

I have an active role as a curator at Egyenlítő Foundation, Skool Foundation and NIOK (Nonprofit Informational and Training Center). I am also one of the presidents of the Friends of the Ludwig Museum, just as well as participating in the mentoring and the forming of many cultural and innovational projects such as ArtMarket Budapest, Hungarian State Opera House, TEDxDanubia, Capilano Women, Marketing and Media. In 2015 I was elected to become member of the presidency of the Hungarian Advertising Association.‘


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Megyesi Zsuzsa

Art director,  A + Z Design

I have been in the field of contemporary art, design and architecture since the end of the 90’s, as a curator, journalist, art director, design editor or stylist. I lived and worked in Berlin, Brussels, Los Angeles and Spain. We founded the A + Z Design Studio eight years ago with Attila F. Kovács. In addition to design, my passion is a dance. I’ve connected the two fields and for the last one and a half year I have been working on the development of a portable spine and joint-friendly dance floor that has been used by countless countries already.

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Martinkó József

Architectural and Design Critic, Editor-in-chef Octogon magazine

I was born in Miskolc, but I grew up in Debrecen and Budapest. After graduating from the Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Humanities, I almost instantly became a member of the OCTOGON architecture & design magazine. Later I started working as an architect critic for Népszabadság and Élet és Irodalom. I write, think and talk about contemporary architecture and design. For last 18 years I have been linked to OCTOGON Magazine, which commitment was interrupted by a 5 year break when I was working as the editor-in-chief of I think about architecture and design as a cultural product, an organic part of culture. My main interest is to analyze the relationship between creative culture and language, critical language and the science of designculture.


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Szűcs Péter

Editor, journalist, founder and executive editor of travel magazine

“I reached the point of creating my own medium, an entertainment travel magazine after 15 years of magazine- making (Marie Claire, InStyle and Hungarian Radio). is a real love project. It is a kind of entertainment and lifestyle magazine that tells stories about things that I really retain important in life through inspiring journeys, people and photographs taken by me. One of the messages it conveys is that we can reach anything, we can get to any place, if we believe in it and do something for it. The other message is, that tolerance can be learned. While traveling we are not only able to face our prejudices but we can also dismantle them. I am proud of the fact that my last photo exhibition, a visual material entitled Redefined Manhood, presenting Persian portraits could reach with its similar message the international scenario as well.
Originally I am a gardener technician, but I have also learnt the respect of the land from my parents and grandparents. Later I took lectures in literature, linguistics, cultural anthropology and journalism at the Faculty of Humanistic Studies of ELTE University (out of these years, nearly one I spent in Spain). I have been working as a journalist for almost fifteen years now, of which, for five years I put together radio magazine programs in the studio of the Hungarian State Radio on fashion, traveling, literature or Roma culture. Following this, also for five years I worked at Marie Claire as an executive editor, making further reportages and interviews. I met a lot of celebrities during that period, I had the most memorable conversation with the famous guitarist Ferenc Snétberger and it was, among other things, about tolerance. This is when I prepared my first bookazine, the Fashion Issue. I mixed the Budapestian subculture with the world of high end fashion, Hungarian poetry, and visual arts. I started magazine following my work at InStyle as an executive director.”

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Takács Ákos

Marketing Manager, Red Bull Hungary

Ákos Takács started to work with Red Bull at the age of 20. During his university years he was already actively involved in conducting international projects such as Red Bull Air Race and Formula 1 as a student brand manager. At the age of 22 he was appointed as the marketing manager responsible for cultural marketing and became Red Bull’s youngest leader globally. In the following years, he started to develop a new, cultural, musical project for the Hungarian audience and thats how he created the basic concept of Red Bull Pilvaker. The initiative -that was oringinally designed for one-year – has celebrated its fifth birthday at March 15th with a triple full house.

Ákos was appointed to lead the marketing team at the age of 25: he led and rebuilt the marketing division as a brand manager from 2013 to 2015. From 2015 he started to  work as a marketing manager for such international projects as Can you make it, Wings for Life Charity Run or Neymar Jr’s Five. He is a frequent lecturer at talks, professional meetups and university seminars where the younger generation can learn from his successful way of handling brand strategy, cultural and sporting events.

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Trellay Levente

Art director, Telep art agency

„I moved back to Hungary 7 years ago. Previously I lived in Switzerland, Germany and Austria where I studied in the field of natural sciences, design and architecture. Next, with a few friends we founded a „multi-arts exhibition space” . We did this with the objective to create a space, with no strings attached, for artists and exhibitions that are truly progressive and unique in their genre. This is how this independent „Off-space” aka. Telep Galéria was born.

Personally, I believe in indirect things, that don’t push the message right into my face, but approach from behind, let themselves be discovered, make one reflect, and through such process one can almost become part of the „story”.

On 19, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

Super Channel

Super Channel

Highlights of Hungary has been founded by Super Channel a creative content development team.

Super Channel was born from a passion for creative content. As a producer, content developer and community builder Super Channel launched many of his own projects which has granted its established and recognized position in the Hungarian creative industry.

The Super Channel team its layed the groundwork for an innovative design agency offering high-quality design & business-oriented services.